Don’t Just Say “Insha Allah”, Make It So!

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

As Muslims, it is our custom to say “insha Allah” (God willing) whenever we agree to do something. The sad thing is, many brothers and sisters today, just say “insha Allah” even if they have no intention whatsoever, of doing that which they are agreeing to do. If you really are unable to do something, it’s better to come clean and say this, rather than making false promises.

Insha Allah means “if Allah wills”, but this only applies if we have sincerely made the intention to fulfil our agreement. If not, we are in actual fact blaming Allah SWT for our own failings, not an attitude a Muslim should take… Rather, we should do our level best to fulfil our agreements and only then, leave the rest to Allah.

Instead of just saying “insha Allah”, lets Make It So!

Don't Just Say Insha Allah, Make It So!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Say “Insha Allah”, Make It So!

  1. Just take responsibility for yourself and leave Allah out of it, because you can never really know whether Allah wills it or not anyway.

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