Said Nursi on Discussing Ambiguous Hadith

“It is not permissible to discuss ambiguous hadiths among the ordinary people, and to show off and justify oneself like a lawyer, relying on egotism to support ones arguments rather than on truth and right. The question being broached and argued about is having an adverse effect on the minds of the poor ordinary people. They cannot comprehend obscure allegorical hadiths like these, and if they deny them, it opens the terrifying door to their also denying definite, unambiguous hadiths that they cannot understand with their limited intelligences. If they take the hadith on face value and accept the literal meaning and they spread it around, it paves the way for the people of misguidance to object to it and call it superstition.”

~ Said Nursi (28th Letter).

Nursi - not permissible to discuss ambiguous hadiths

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