On One Point The Matter Ends

By Bulleh Shah

On one point the matter ends

Catch the point, drop the academe
Push away divisions which blaspheme
Cast off hell, the grave, chastisement extreme
Cleanse out the heart’s every dream
Into this house everything descends

On one point the matter ends

For nothing we rub foreheads on the ground
Then show off the prayer-mark profound
Reading the karygma (kalima) people we confound
Into hearts understanding don’t expound
A truthful matter never pretends

On one point the matter ends

Fashioned as returned-pilgrims many came
Then blue robe-wearers they became
Selling their pilgrimage, bread they claim
This matter who can acclaim?
Such a matter into concealment never vends

On one point the matter ends

Some to jungles, to the seas go
Some daily a single grain swallow
Without perception tiredness they stow
They return home emaciated, in imbroglio
Just in prayer-rigours life expends

On one point the matter ends

Take a guide, become the servant of the Lord
With wanton ecstasy stay in accord
Devoid of desire become destitution’s ward
In the heart thorough cleansing record
Bullha the true word transcends

On one point the matter ends

Translated by Muzaffar A. Ghaffaar

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