Sohbet: Surah Asr

By Shaykh Muhammad Adil [03/12/20]

“There are many Surahs in the Holy Qur’an and all of them are beautiful, there is one particular Surah that is short, yet it tells and explains to people, to Muslims what to do.  Those who follow these suggestions reach felicity, it is Surah Asr. Allah ﷻ swears that, ‘All of humanity is at loss, except for those who have faith, who do good works and are patient those are the winners. The rest are all at loss.’ It is not that long, but it is hard for humanity to do; to do good, to help others in doing good works is difficult for people because there are many things that appear to stop one. Starting with the ego, shaytan and those around [you], they all stop one from having faith and doing good works. They do as much as possible to weaken people’s faith.

Therefore, those who have Iman (Faith) should know that Allah ﷻ has granted them a great favour and has given them faith. In any event those who have faith do try to obey Allah’s ﷻ commands and do good. To do good deeds, perform worships and do all sorts of things Allah ﷻ loves. They try to do this, they need to be patient even though they do all of this, again they must be patient. As in this world there are all sorts of tortures and difficulties, we need to be patient. Those who are patient their end will be good in this world and in the hereafter, they will reach happiness and felicity. May Allah ﷻ help us all and strengthen our faith and guide people because they (many people) think highly of what they do according to their own minds. (When) what they are doing is nothing but evil, even if it looks good it is evil and harmful for themselves. May Allah ﷻ protect us from it and give guidance to people.”

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