To be really on this Path you have to have humility: if you judge others, pushed down the stairs you’ll be!
If heart flies too high from this Way you’ll fly away: one can’t hide, what is inside out will be, all will see!
Even that long white bearded one, looking O so wise, if he breaks one heart, why go to Mecca, it’s futility!
Beloved’s throne is my heart, its destiny is Beloved… one who breaks a heart, of either worlds is unworthy.
Those knowing say little while beasts talk endlessly: for one who understands, one word sufficient will be!
If the Holy Books have any meaning here it comes… what you find as good, give it to others consciously!
That which is coming to this earth, will come back… anyone that drinks love’s wine is understanding me.
Yunus, don’t judge the world, keep eyes on Beloved’s face, then on Judgement Day, Bridge you’ll not see!

~ Yunus Emre

Translated by Paul Smith

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