Sincerity is Everything

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Religion is sincerity [nasīhah]” and emphasised this three times on an occasion reported in a famous hadith. Why is this so important? Well, intentions are at the basis of everything we do. Every action is the result of an intention. So we should check our intentions, as indeed our religion teaches…Read more Sincerity is Everything

Sincerity Is Everything

From: In The Mystic Footsteps Of Saints (2002), Volume 2, page 20.

When Asking Converts…

What are your intentions when asking converts about their journeys to Islam?

Why Do You Learn?

The Master said, “The ancient scholars learned for themselves; the present scholars learn for others.” (The Analects 14:24). In this verse Confucius points out that scholars in ancient times and in his his time had different motivations towards learning. This can be interpreted along the lines that in ancient times learning was more for personal…Read more Why Do You Learn?