The Innocence of Muslims

“An idiotic film has been produced by Sam Becile… We implore our brothers and sisters in Islam to remember, that while foolish people do foolish things, the wise do not emulate them. Islam has always been attacked since the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him. If we want to know how to respond, we should look to his noble example, with patience and words of wisdom. Nothing good can result from violent confrontation. This film was deliberately produced in order to provoke, do not therefore give in to the shayateen by allowing them to provoke you to anger.”
~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

4 thoughts on “The Innocence of Muslims

  1. What happened in Libya to our Ambassador was just flat out stupid. A believers mission is to lead others to God, not run them away. Those who are committing such acts are not on the right path; unless their final desired destination is the hellfire. They just played into the hands of the provocateurs who knew some morons would react this way. I have to believe or would rather believe this is another false flag done by non-muslims to defame us further.If Muslims maybe they should read how to win friends and influence people. then maybe the whole world would not look at us as barbaric fools. Ya God please protect us from ourselves.

  2. I agree with Paul and Ron, and Plato. Fools like this just say something that means absolutely nothing worth paying attention to. I have read the Koran, and violence is not the way to enlightment. It is a terrible thing to feel that you have been insulted, and yes you do have a right to be ticked off because your Prophet was insulted, but violence as a response is not the way to show your anger. Killing innocent people in the name of Allah is not the way. we as a Christian majority do not in any way acknowledge this farce as anything but trash and should be locked away. We are all brothers & sisters deep down, and instead of fighting each other and inflicting pain and grief, we she instead be thinking about ways to heal ourselves so we can all live in peace.violence on each other we should be thinking about healing our wounds, so we can all live in peace. Yes, God, Allah, Jehovah, etc, protect us all from ourselves and the deeds we do to each other.

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