Don’t forget those who are impoverished and the orphans…

Don’t forget those who are impoverished and the orphans during our Eids, for Islam stressed charity and helping any who are in need, for they too have the right to be happy, clean, to eat, play and to wear new clothes.

Nor should we ONLY be thinking of those less well off than ourselves during our Eids and Ramadan either, nor ONLY Muslims…

As Muslims we have a duty to help everyone who is suffering, in whatever degree to which we’re genuinely able. Nor should we forget, Allah SWT knows exactly whether we are doing our best, or withholding…. One day, He will inquire of us what we did, with that which He bestowed upon us.

Wishing everyone a blessed Eid, especially those who most forget…

Ma salam,

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

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