Don’t forget those who are impoverished and the orphans…

Don't forget those who are impoverished and the orphans during our Eids, for Islam stressed charity and helping any who are in need, for they too have the right to be happy, clean, to eat, play and to wear new clothes. Nor should we ONLY be thinking of those less well off than ourselves during…Read more Don’t forget those who are impoverished and the orphans…

Possessions count for nothing in the sight of God!

Please Donate to Australian flood relief appeal

The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Many communities have been devastated. Some families have lost everything. You can help make a difference by donating to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. Floods head towards Australia's Brisbane, many evacuate: At this time, the Queensland Government is…Read more Please Donate to Australian flood relief appeal

Update: Pakistan Flood Aid

Pakistan Flood Aid: Good to see at least one Arab country has donated generously... The five countries who've so far given the largest donations are the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Islamists should take note, except for Saudi, the countries most generous in giving sadaqah (charity) are Western nations! Private donations, also…Read more Update: Pakistan Flood Aid

Please Do Not Forget, People Are Still Suffering… Ramadan and Eid may be over, Haiti and Pakistan feature less in the news these days. Ramadan is largely a model of Islam. Except for not eating, it's guidance therefore serves as a guide as to how we should live all year round. While we appreciate the manifold blessings we have, please continue to…Read more Please Do Not Forget, People Are Still Suffering…

Update: Floods in Pakistan

Every day the magnitude of this flood disaster in Pakistan is increasing. Some 20 million people have now been effected. Pakistan and its people are going through a terrible time, especially with this flood. The images speak for themselves. They are so difficult to watch and think about what it must be like, to experience…Read more Update: Floods in Pakistan

DEC: Pakistan Floods Appeal

Over 1,000 people are reported to have died with that number likely to rise as more information becomes available. About 2.5 million people are believed to have been affected by the floods which may worsen as further rain falls and water moves downstream. In the aftermath of the floods there is a serious risk to…Read more DEC: Pakistan Floods Appeal

DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Hurricanes in Haiti

Hurricane Ike was the fourth storm to hit Haiti in recent weeks. An estimated 650,000 people have been affected. Haiti at breaking point The situation Hurricane Ike passed through Haiti on Sunday 7 September, just three days after Tropical Storm Hanna unloaded massive amounts of rain on the already water-saturated country. This was the fourth…Read more Hurricanes in Haiti