How to stop the killing in Syria?

The question is being asked: Without military intervention, how are we going to stop the killing of civilians in Syria? Whatever world leaders decide to do, the frightful situation in Syria is certainly not going to be easy to resolve. While it's true, civilians are already being killed, airstrikes will certainly kill more and are…Read more How to stop the killing in Syria?

No War With Syria

I'm deeply concerned about the frightful situation in Syria. Nevertheless I do not believe racing into yet another war is the answer. Wars are easy to start, but incredibly difficult to finish. Then there's the rebuilding afterwards. Are Iraq and Afghanistan really in any better shape after years of conflict? The consequences of which all…Read more No War With Syria

Tyrant Prays, While His Goons Are Killing The People of Syria!

"Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria, and do whatever is within your means to help them. May Allah SWT free them and all who suffer under the iron fist of brutal dictators, from the clutches of tyranny, and grant them liberty, peace and security." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong