Is it haram to wear Nike shoes?

Question: I have heard it is haram to wear Nike clothing and shoes, because the company is named after a Greek idol.  I was told by one brother that there's a Hadith that narrates about a sahabi who had converted from Christianity to Islam, and still wore a cross, then Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told the…Read more Is it haram to wear Nike shoes?

Question everything, smash those self-imposed limits on your knowledge & development.

Do you think we are alone in the Universe?

How to stop the killing in Syria?

The question is being asked: Without military intervention, how are we going to stop the killing of civilians in Syria? Whatever world leaders decide to do, the frightful situation in Syria is certainly not going to be easy to resolve. While it's true, civilians are already being killed, airstrikes will certainly kill more and are…Read more How to stop the killing in Syria?

Who Asks: R u a Jew?

Received a message in the inbox of my Facebook page on Friday which asked, "R u a Jew?". Seriously, who asks that? Anyone who knows me or has been monitoring my activities, would know of my faith, my work and have some idea about what I believe, but that is by the by. I must…Read more Who Asks: R u a Jew?

What Do You Want?

"Beware, for sometimes what we want can have unforeseen consequences..." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Valentine’s Day in Islam?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, AOBM I was asked to share my views on Valentine's Day. Personally, I really don't see what's the problem that some people seem to have with this celebration. The fact that it's a Western, originally Christian festival is in all honesty, completely besides the point. We should celebrate Love everyday!…Read more Valentine’s Day in Islam?

Zakir Naik, challenged by 16 year old’s question!

By Paul S Armstrong Even a 16 year old student has more sense and knowledge of Islam than "Dr" (Mullah) Naik! I really don't see his appeal... "You asked the question is Christmas wrong? 100% wrong according to me!" - Zakir Naik. According to who? Now, is that in the Holy Qur'an or ahadith? What…Read more Zakir Naik, challenged by 16 year old’s question!

Young People’s PVE – Discussion, Debate, Q & A

 TAKE PART HAVE YOUR SAY AT THE YOUNG PEOPLE’S PREVENTING VIOLENT EXTREMISM (PVE) DISCUSSION, DEBATE, QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION To be held on 10th March 2010, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Dunstall Community Centre, Dunstall Avenue, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, WV6 0HN The purpose of the debate session is to hear the views and opinions…Read more Young People’s PVE – Discussion, Debate, Q & A