Who is Muslim?

Jabir heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say: A Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe. (Muslim 14) Narrated AbuHurayrah: Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand the Muslims are safe and a believer is one in whom people place…Read more Who is Muslim?

Statement on the Woolwich Murder, London

Our sincerest condolences to family and friends of the unarmed man, brutally martyred in Woolwich. We will be remembering you in our prayers. Violent thugs who callously murder people are not serving any god, they are outside the pale of all the religions of our Human Family. Neither Islam nor any other religion sanctions what…Read more Statement on the Woolwich Murder, London

Woolwich Murder

Shocking footage of the suspected murderer with blood on his hands, trying to justify his heinous crime, taken by a passerby: Guardian.co.uk: Woolwich attack: two suspects shot after man killed near barracks – live