VoxAfrica Hotseat: Is Islam Synonymous with Terrorism?

VoxAfrica Hotseat: 25.05.2012

Guests, listed anticlockwise from front-left of studio:

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director, The Association of British Muslims (AOBM)
Carlos Cortiglia, Press Officer, British National Party (BNP)
Tommy Robinson, Leader of the English Defence League (EDL)
Abdullah Al Andalusi, Co-Founder, Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI)

One thought on “VoxAfrica Hotseat: Is Islam Synonymous with Terrorism?

  1. To be fair, the “accusation” that Muslims have historically attempted to impose Islam on non-Muslims, is unfortunately no mere accusation, but historical as well as personal fact.

    My mother’s first husband’s parents were Yemenite Jews living in Sa’ana. In the early 1920s, Yemen’s Muslim government enacted what is referred to as the “Orphans’ Decree”, requiring the forced conversion of all non-Muslim “orphans” to Islam.


    The term “orphan” itself was something of an attempt at a euphemism, in the sense that all children, before “converted” by their Jewish parents to Judaism, were deemed “orphans”.

    Wishing to begin a happy family of Jews, his parents actually resorted to WALKING from Sa’nah, to the then British Mandate of Palestine, and bought a home in East Jerusalem, and having a son and a daughter, both born in Jerusalem.

    Unfortunately they were forced to flee again to America in 1948 when Jordan took control of East Jerusalem and expropriated the territory of and expelled all Jews.

    The Orphans’ decree was no exceptional case, merely a situation of personal significance.

    In 1964, Yasser Arafat formed the “Palestine Liberation Organization”, stating its aim in its original charter:

    Article 24. This Organization does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or the Himmah Area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.

    The original claim thus EXCLUDED the territories, leaving only those areas that Israel then comprised of as the “Palestine” intended to be “Liberated”.

    Yet at some date at or shortly proceeding June of 1967, i.e. the “Six Day War” when the combined efforts of all of Israel’s Muslim neighbours in launching an attack upon Israel resulted in the Israeli capture of these two territories, Article 24 mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by rhetoric ultimately resulting in the essentially claim that all the PLO wants, and has ever wanted, is a return to the ’67 borders. To form a “Palestinian State” in PRECISELY those territories it had EXCLUDED in its original claim, with apparent willingness to allow for a Jewish State PRECISELY IN AND ONLY IN THAT TERRITORY it had just three years prior claimed to “Liberate” in order to become the “Palestinian State”, nevermind the territories which it then gladly ceded claim to, to Jordan and Egypt.

    Now I realize I’ve drifted somewhat from “Islamic Terrorism” to “Pan-Arab Terrorism”. But the two are so intertwined one can easily be passed off for the other as convenience demands.

    The ultimate question remains: Why do ALL of Israel’s Muslim/Arab neighbours, INCLUDING most of the non-Arab Muslim Worlds, yet conspicuously EXCLUDING the entirety of the non-Muslim Arab World such as Egypts Copts and the Lebanese Maronites?

    Is this truly about Pan-Arabism, or is it really about Islam?

    Why such a fuss over a tiny speck of sand, and one of the only specks without oil?

    It has been explained to me that it is a fundamental principle in Islam that once Allah blesses a Muslim with conquest of new land, it must forever remain Muslim land. There’s no going back.

    Except Israel has now for 64 years managed to “go back”, or one can count even further back to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the European Mandates as the date the land “went back”.

    Osama bin Laden himself would often speak of some eighty odd years of dispossession that MUST be reversed at whatever cost.

    Just as pretty much everyone, I personally remember where I was and what I was thinking and doing on THE 9/11.

    In my case, my first action was to call mother as my brother had a residence in Manhattan, to see if he was ok. Fortunately he happened to be safe and on holiday in Florida.

    Reassured, my IMMEDIATE SECOND thought was a thought to myself:

    “Hopefully NOW they (the west) will GET IT!!! (What Israel had been going through with little sympathy for a half-century before the rest of the world got stung BAD!)

    I realize that these linkages between Islam and terrorism are only a decade old for the rest of the world, desperately trying to make sense of it.

    Well we as Jews have had a good half-century dealing with this, analyzing it, and trying to piece together the puzzle.

    And for us it’s clear:

    There happens to be something TERRIBLY WRONG going on in the Muslim World that MUST be fixed. Yet for it to be fixed, while the rest of us offer anything and everything we can to help, there must first be some crucial developments in the Muslim World.

    I can actually sum it up quite quickly:

    The Muslim World is in a state of denial. Nothing’s wrong, we’re just like everyone else, we all have our extremists, nothing notably different with us.



    Muslims must have the strength and the courage to quit being in denial about it. Muslims must quit being so defensive, self absorbed, and obsessed with their “image”.

    (Ironically, that’s actually what pisses the rest of us off so bad and is likely the main source of anti-Muslim backlash: Not so much the terrorism, but the DENIAL.)

    Gotta think of it like AA: “Hello, my name is Mohammed, I have a problem, and I need help. Please help me”.

    And we’d turn a total 180 and give you all the help we can muster.

    But the denial must END.

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