The Woodpecker on the Ark

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

All the problems we face in our lives and the communities in which we live, originate in the perception that each of us is separate from everyone else and the environment in which we live. We identify only with ourself, distinguishing between the needs of “I” and those of others, without realising both are connected and cannot be truly separated.

This concept makes us treat all around us as no better than objects of utility or irritation. Even if we care about the environment, mostly this is just to help us as individuals feel good about ourselves, few truly consider the whole system.

We’ve all heard it said, “Do not throw stones in glass houses.” When we do not understand that we are all part of One interconnected reality, we inevitably even if unwittingly upset the balance of our collective well being. Think of a spiders web, each of us represented by a point on the web, we depend upon the structural integrity of the whole, in order to to survive. Should one point become disconnected, the web falls apart.

Only when we collectively recognise the nature of our existence, do we tune in and act in the best interests of everyone. In so doing, healing our Human Family and Earth simultaneously.

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