Islam: Timeless, Eternally Transcendental, Wisdom

While we fully acknowledge the sincerity of those who devote their time and energies towards promoting our deen through dawah tables on street corners, Islam is not a product to be sold in a manner similar to that utilised by used car salespersons…

Islam is something far more profound, often missed by many who proclaim to be Muslims; Islam is a state of being, an illuminated spiritual condition of peaceful contentment, resulting from the recognition and acceptance of Divine Providence.

Whatever else may get or has been in some way, tenuous or otherwise, connected with Islam as an organised religion, this reality, this spiritual illumination remains at it’s very heart.

Anything claiming to be Islam that lacks Heart, is therefore counterfeit, deficient in the most important defining aspect.

Cultures vary according to time and place, as does politics. However, the spiritual essence of Islam is transcendental wisdom, timeless, always relevant.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Say: He is Allah the One and Only


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