Extract from Tree Lore

By Richard St. Barbe Baker The old Maoris were friends of the forest, and whenever they wanted to cut down a tree they used to ask it's permission first, and then cover up the stump with foliage so as to protect the inlying spirit. Throughout the greatest part of the island, the Children of Tane,…Read more Extract from Tree Lore

The truest wealth is Wisdom.

1984 Wasn’t Meant To Be An Instruction Manual

Saladin: Vampire Hunter

The untold story of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi... Will this be the next book by vampire novelist and amateur historian, Tom Holland?

The Book of Perfect Harmony

"Imagine trying to compile a book, where the words you chose would end up in perfect harmony. Wouldn't that be an incredibly difficult task? Envision then, you are composing pages of this book, from time to time over a couple of decades, while doing other things, like running a small business, teaching, and moving to…Read more The Book of Perfect Harmony