Every Eye Does Not See

"Not everyone is ready to embrace the Light; those for whom it's meant are among the illumined ones." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong


Darkness in the Heart

Valentine’s Day in Islam?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, AOBM I was asked to share my views on Valentine's Day. Personally, I really don't see what's the problem that some people seem to have with this celebration. The fact that it's a Western, originally Christian festival is in all honesty, completely besides the point. We should celebrate Love everyday!…Read more Valentine’s Day in Islam?

Every moment love’s a new surge of spring

By Bulleh Shah Every moment love's a new surge of spring The lesson of love-rapture when first I read The mosque my heart began to dread Into the Thakur's abode I fled Where a thousand conches sing Every moment love's a new surge of spring When the ways of love-rapture I gained Differences of me…Read more Every moment love’s a new surge of spring

Buddha: Real and Unreal

“Those who take the unreal for the real, and who in the real see the unreal, they, wandering in the sphere of wrong thought, will not attain the real. Those who have known the real as the real, and the unreal as the unreal, they, moving in the sphere of right thought, will attain the…Read more Buddha: Real and Unreal

The Astonishing Light of Your Being