🇺🇲 July 4th 🇺🇲

July 4th is a day to remember the inspirational people who founded the United States of America, a day to celebrate what they did, and to be inspired how to implement the best of their ideas today. Every country has its ups and downs, every country has its tragedies, and COVID19 is a global tragedy.…Read more 🇺🇲 July 4th 🇺🇲

Treaty of Tripoli 1796

An interesting chapter in the history of US-Muslim relations the, "Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary." Article 11 of this treaty is particularly fascinating given the present islamophobic propaganda spewing forth from Southern Baptist extremists in the United States: "As the…Read more Treaty of Tripoli 1796

God grant that not only the love of liberty…

Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Ezra Stiles

PHILADELPHIA, March 9, 1790. REVEREND AND DEAR SIR— I RECEIVED your kind letter of January 28, and am glad you have at length received the portrait of governor Yale from his family, and deposited it in the college library. He was a great and good man, and had the merit of doing infinite service to your…Read more Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Ezra Stiles