FRA: Violence against women: an EU-wide survey (2014)

Frightening reading... Although much progress was made in Europe throughout the 20th Century gender based discrimination, abuse, and violence is still rife in European society. We must do more to address this completely unacceptable situation. Survey factsheet: Violence against women: an EU-wide survey - Main Results:

Charles Darwin – Light Will Be Thrown On The Origin Of Man

"The whole history of the world, as at present known, although of a length quite incomprehensible by us, will hereafter be recognised as a mere fragment of time, compared with the ages which have elapsed since the first creature, the progenitor of innumerable extinct and living descendants, was created. In the distant future I see…Read more Charles Darwin – Light Will Be Thrown On The Origin Of Man

Islam Calls Us To Seek And Disseminate Knowledge

"The righteous works that continue to benefit a believer after his death include: - the knowledge that he taught and spread among others - a righteous son whom he leaves behind - or a copy of the Qur'an that he bequeaths to his inheritors - or a mosque that he builds - or a rest…Read more Islam Calls Us To Seek And Disseminate Knowledge

Oh, so you know how to cut and paste hadith?

A student needs to invest years of dedicated study to truly master their chosen subject, does anyone think Islam any different? Who can expect to be an overnight expert? Even if a person studies a college or university course for a few years, they will still have only covered a tiny fraction of the vast…Read more Oh, so you know how to cut and paste hadith?

Here’s a factual Halloween treat for you all! ^_^

Out Of Place Artifacts

Ancient Artifacts Discovered Dated Before the Arrival of Humans on Earth. So were we around earlier than originally thought?

UFO’s discovered in The National Archives

Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and now independent expert on the unexplained, discusses the UFO files released by UK MOD.

Muslim-Jewish Relations in South Asia

On the 15th June 2010, Mr Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Director for Interfaith and Interpolitical Dialogue at the Association of British Muslims, attended an academic seminar, presented by Dr Navras Jaat Aafreedi Ph.D. The seminar entitled Muslim-Jewish Relations in South Asia, was organised by the Woolf Institute. The event took place in Wesley House, Cambridge. Mr Armstrong said, "I…Read more Muslim-Jewish Relations in South Asia