WITH THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL   FATWA ON THE SO-CALLED “ISLAMIC STATE” (FORMERLY “ISLAMIC STATE IN IRAQ & SYRIA”)   Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be upon His final messenger Muhammad. Due to recent events in the Middle East and their impact on some people…Read more FATWA ON THE SO-CALLED “ISLAMIC STATE” (FORMERLY “ISLAMIC STATE IN IRAQ & SYRIA”)

Islam Calls Us To Seek And Disseminate Knowledge

"The righteous works that continue to benefit a believer after his death include: - the knowledge that he taught and spread among others - a righteous son whom he leaves behind - or a copy of the Qur'an that he bequeaths to his inheritors - or a mosque that he builds - or a rest…Read more Islam Calls Us To Seek And Disseminate Knowledge

The Forgiveness of God Has No Comparison

Abu Yahya al-Mazini came in upon al-Shafi'i (may God have mercy upon them both) in his final sickness, and asked him, 'How are you faring this morning?' 'This morning I am travelling from this world,' he said, 'and departing from my brethren, and going to meet my evil works, quaffing the cup of death, and…Read more The Forgiveness of God Has No Comparison

Habib Ali Responds To The Pleas Of Our Sisters

Is Christmas Haram?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, The Association of British Muslims As Muslims, we shouldn't be afraid of Christmas or any other festival. Nowhere in the Holy Qur'an is wishing people a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or even a Happy Diwali declared haram (forbidden) - it's just not there, if you don't believe me, study your…Read more Is Christmas Haram?

What’s in a Name?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Baby Names Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to be blessed with a new addition to my family, an adorable baby girl. As with all new parents, my wife and I were giving final consideration to what names we should choose. In this spirit I thought I’d have a browse through…Read more What’s in a Name?

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah al-Qadiriyyah as-Sufi?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong ‎"Thus the meaning of sufi alludes to the meaning of siddiq or one who has reached complete Truthfulness, because the best of human beings after prophets are the siddiqin..." - Ibn Taymiyya, At-Tawassuf, Majmu’a Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya al-Kubra 11. Imam Ibn Taymiyya then went on to say: Some people criticized the…Read more Imam Ibn Taymiyyah al-Qadiriyyah as-Sufi?