What is Real?

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is reported in hadith to have prophesied the emergence of someone he referred to as the "dajjal". The meaning of the word 'dajjal' comes from the Arabic expression "dajjala al-ba'eer (he smeared the camel)", referring to a practice where dishonest traders used to cover a sick camel with tar…Read more What is Real?

Read the First Alphabet and be Free!

By Bulleh Shah Translated by Muzaffar A. Ghaffaar Read the first alphabet and be free The first alphabet became two bodies, then four Then became thousands, lakhs, a crore From there became countless more The unique alphabet's dot a lone pedigree Read the first alphabet and be free Cartloads of books why have you read…Read more Read the First Alphabet and be Free!

What’s in a Name?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Baby Names Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to be blessed with a new addition to my family, an adorable baby girl. As with all new parents, my wife and I were giving final consideration to what names we should choose. In this spirit I thought I’d have a browse through…Read more What’s in a Name?