What is Normal? What is Crazy?

The Last Day?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong The Last Day? Sometimes people can be swept into a frenzy over nothing... The world will undoubtedly end eventually, but it's senseless constantly worrying about it, no one knows the hour. Each of our lives will most likely come to an end, long before then, just as those of our ancestors…Read more The Last Day?

The Weather Is Crazy!

"Everything is connected, each of us affects our surroundings. Beginning with our intentions, manifesting in our actions, ending with our relation to each other, society and the environment. Awareness of this reality, leads inextricably to the solution to our collective problems; the realignment of our perceptions, intentions, and actions." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Omid Djalili, commenting on media impartiality…

Chris Rock – How not to get beaten up by the police!