Good trees bear good fruit…

Religious Visions, Testimonies and Conversions

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Fanatical Christians often claim not to have heard of anyone being told by God to leave Christianity, while citing testimonies of "ex-Muslims" hearing directly from Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, to leave Islam. How much weight can we put in these claims, and how should Muslims respond to them? Well…Read more Religious Visions, Testimonies and Conversions

Every moment love’s a new surge of spring

By Bulleh Shah Every moment love's a new surge of spring The lesson of love-rapture when first I read The mosque my heart began to dread Into the Thakur's abode I fled Where a thousand conches sing Every moment love's a new surge of spring When the ways of love-rapture I gained Differences of me…Read more Every moment love’s a new surge of spring

Omid Djalili, commenting on media impartiality…

Jews, Conspiracy, and Islam

By Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir) JIMAS Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that some of us find readily acceptable or wish it to be true either takes the form of historical introduction or offered as 'explanations' to the politics of the Middle-east, particularly Palestine. In the former scenario information is extracted a great deal from non-Muslim authors and…Read more Jews, Conspiracy, and Islam