What is Normal? What is Crazy?


When an egg is broken

"And in your own nature, and in [that of] all the animals which He scatters [over the earth] there are messages for people who are endowed with inner certainty." ~ Holy Qur'an 45:4 (M. Asad)

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…

Never let someone tell you can’t do something…

One who fears Allah SWT has nothing else to fear. Don't let the dunya (world) grind you down. True faith is knowing we have the potential to succeed, using the natural God given abilities we were born with. Our success is encoded into our very DNA. Whenever we feel down, know that we are here…Read more Never let someone tell you can’t do something…

Is a door just a door?

God is always with you!

"God is the Light of the heavens and the earth..." ~ Holy Quran 24:35 (M. Asad) Never lose faith, no matter how dark things seem... God is always with you! http://www.khilafahonline.com

A prayer for enlightenment