Reason is a Gift from God

Unlike some fanatical cults trapped in their own jahiliyyah (ignorance), Islam is a spiritual way of life founded upon reason and good sense.

Take Advantage Of 5 Matters Before 5 Other Matters

"Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old; your health before you fall sick; your wealth before you become poor; your free time before you become busy; your life before your death." ~ Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Narrated by ibn Abbas, from Musnad Imam Ahmad.

Blessing Is Like A Lighted Torch

The Buddha said, “Those who rejoice in seeing others observe the Way will obtain great blessing.” A Sramana asked the Buddha, “Would this blessing be destroyed?” The Buddha replied, “It is like a lighted torch whose flame can be distributed to ever so many other torches which people may bring along; and therewith they will…Read more Blessing Is Like A Lighted Torch

Love is the Way!

Salam, Shalom, Peace is the Way! ^_^

The Stillness in Movement

The Greatest Gift You Have To Give

The Wayseer Manifesto