Don’t Be Promiscuous

Not from a source I'd normally share... but this is exceptionally good advice!

The cave you fear to enter…

London, April 2014, Be Part of the New Humanity Movement!

Amazing event in London, United Kingdom this April, 2014. "...let not your own hands contribute to your destruction but do good; for Allah loves those who do good. " ~ Holy Qur'an 2:195 Share, stream, be part of the New Humanity Movement!

Alchemy Event 2014 Masterpiece

PRESS RELEASE UPDATE 1-20-2014 LONDON, UK. NEW HUMANITY MOVEMENT & ALCHEMY EVENT GLOBAL LTD PRESENT THE 11TH EVENT IN LONDON, UK: ALCHEMY EVENT 2014 MASTERPIECEWHY: “Rewriting our Future as we celebrate 3 Days in London” DATE: APRIL 11TH-12TH -13TH, 2014, 9:00 AM TO 11:00 PM, GMT DAILY LOCATION: London Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, Heathrow Airport •…Read more Alchemy Event 2014 Masterpiece

O’ Allah, Please Forgive The Ignorant

Oh, so you know how to cut and paste hadith?

A student needs to invest years of dedicated study to truly master their chosen subject, does anyone think Islam any different? Who can expect to be an overnight expert? Even if a person studies a college or university course for a few years, they will still have only covered a tiny fraction of the vast…Read more Oh, so you know how to cut and paste hadith?

Boss vs. Leader

"O YOU who have attained to faith! Why do you say one thing and do another? Most loathsome is it in the sight of God that you say what you do not do!" ~ Holy Qur'an 61:2-3 (M. Asad)

Never let someone tell you can’t do something…

One who fears Allah SWT has nothing else to fear. Don't let the dunya (world) grind you down. True faith is knowing we have the potential to succeed, using the natural God given abilities we were born with. Our success is encoded into our very DNA. Whenever we feel down, know that we are here…Read more Never let someone tell you can’t do something…

Celebrating Sex!

"Marriage celebrates sexual union, joy and pleasure. A fact many overly zealous religious nuts seem to forget. Sex is good! I'd sooner people made love than war." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Success In A Changing World, UK, 2013